The Futurist - Kris de Bruyne

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In contrary to 'the consultant', who comes with big words and tries to sell spectacular 'airfilled' stories...

... we want to present to you; the right man, on the right place:

Kris de Bruyne


He thinks and dreams in a 'realistic innovative' way. With his vision and empathy, in combination with his practical knowledge and analytical skills, he provides revolutionary innovations and groundbreaking solutions to problems... in a strong, positive 'energy-flow', where everybody wants to be a part of! Welcome to his brainwaves, ways and solutions to... almost anything!

He's a multi-functional advisor with a divers profile and experience, who knows where to go and to come with suitable solutions that can be used in a realistic environment! "Automatically, I'm always thinking about these 'problem-solution' matters... but in a healthy, passionate, yet persistent way", he says.

Over the years he has grown into an altruist and idealist, who believes he can realise a better world for us and our future generations to come. Kris says: "Forgive me for mistakes I made and which I regret... 'mea culpa'. These were lessons for my future... to become a good person, willing to do better, to be and to stay at my best and to provide help where I can"!
At his place, he works for (the biggest) companies and influencers around the world... analysts follow his instructions and after his magic is done, he gives them new multi-level structured plans to grow bigger & better to the local (in-company) project managers for implementation.

So, he knows what is globally happening in all the corners of the world and beyond... and they know Kris... to handle their business... from Royalty, Nobel prize winners over astronauts to the superstars on your PC, cell phone, radio & television.
' consultancy for a better world '
In his work, not only as a futurist, but as a full C-7-class consultant, he has to keep track of the newest inventions and technologies. He follow-up all the new studies and researches and besides his own inventions and projects, Kris also wants to be the bridge on an international level that can act as an intermediary between different parties (think-tanks, researchers, inventors, manufacturers, marketeers, politicians, etc.).

Kris tells: "We have to mobilise these peoples, organisations and engage them to work together for one and the same purpose (for eg. R&D of a new products, medicines, etc.). This way, there can be more work done in less time and money. But, even after consultation, it isn't an easy job to let them work together on the same project... you've got to cross different borders and overcome all kinds of barriers, like languages, cultures and personal ego's. Therefore, I work out of an overarching platform to take care of the centralisation of projects... with clear, concrete agreements, arrangements, engagements, funds, planning, technical and mental support".
Our World
He concludes: "After all, we are all the same human beings, that need to protect each other, against all kinds of threats and as the most dominant species, we've got to take up our responsibilities and learn to think pragmatic, use our abilities and resources in a good useful way.

We have the whole wide world in our hands and the power to make it a better place for everybody... but the only way to achieve this, is by working together and not every person for himself... this is not a choice, but a must... to grow strong and survive anything... TOGETHER!".
A few reactions

Verberckmoes L., CEO: "This is somebody with passion and love for his profession, who can inspire others!"

Pietro Vasquez, International Business & IT Consultant:
Kris is one of the founders of the future 'electronic cities', who understands that only technology doesn't make the cities smart! Thumbs up!!

Paul Tang, Politician: Our friend does not say too much or too less... therefore when he speaks, everyone listens to his wise words.

Simon Goldberg Investments: He's very well known for his knowledge of new R&D in science and industrial applications and their practical implementations.

Prakesh Patel: Mr. Kris is praised for his dedication and help in several technological and medical breakthrough projects all over the world... God bless!

Oxford University: ... therefore Mr. De Bruyne plays a major role in the future ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence and TransHumanism development.

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